Podcast # 12 – December 01, 2016: Kicking Off the show with the Man in Black – Johnny Cash – and Ring of Fire! We talk about the Instant Classic Game – Ohio State v. Michigan. Plus College Football Playoffs, Tom Herman to Texas, and the Heisman Trophy! The Lions and Cowboys are great on Thanksgiving! The Raiders Derek Carr is one Tough Dude! And our NFL Week 13 Breakdown!

Hey Everyone!  On our December 01 podcast with Fire (Troy) and Brimmstone (Doug) from FireandBrimmstone.com you get to hear:

– Kicking Off the show with an Ode to the Man in Black – Johnny Cash – and Ring of Fire!
– We recap our Family, Food, and Fun over Thanksgiving!
– The Game between Michigan and Ohio State was an Instant Classic!
– Michigan still has a shot to make the Playoffs!
– Tom Herman goes to Texas! Troy says should have been LSU. Doug says he likes Texas.
– Will Lamar Jackson Win the Heisman?
– The Cowboys Impress on Thanksgiving!
– The Lions are in 1st Place!
– The Raiders Derek Carr is One Tough Dude!
– Nice Matchups in Week 13!
– Cowboys vs. Vikes! Chiefs vs. Falcons! Raiders vs. Bills! Giants vs. Steelers!
– And the Rest of Our Week 13 Picks!

This is your chance to bang on us over our Week 13 NFL Picks!  Just scroll down to see our Picks and feel free to let us know where we went wrong – LOL!  

Drop us a note at FireandBrimmstone@gmail.com, or catch us on Facebook at @FireandBrimmstone, or hit us up on Twitter at @FireandBrimm !

NFL - Week 13 - Results

NFL – Week 13 – Results

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